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Meet SHE!


Yes.She.Blogs is a brand that believes millennials are allowed to embrace themselves. We encourage everyone to love the skin they are in & create the life they want. Yes.She.Blogs believes in humility, truth, and authenticity. Wearing this brand is your proclamation to the world that you accept yourself and others for who they truly are!



Meshawn "SHE" Shaw! Straight from San Antonio, now resides in Beaumont, Tx. A graduate from THE Texas Southern University. A proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated! Once homeless but now the CEO, founder and owner of Yessheblogs. She sales, cares and speaks as well. Meshawn has a speech impediment called "stuttering". While most look at it as a defect, hinderance or obstruction in doing something. She look at it as a way to help people. Meshawn will not hesitate to speak life into others. Are you ready for the stories we tell through shirts?

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